episode 01. Bloopers + Zoom = Zoopers

episode 01. Bloopers + Zoom = Zoopers

When it comes to showing up and dominating your image from the comforts of you own home, one of the things I think is hilarious and that sometimes we are not aware of, is our surroundings. You know those zoom bloopers that I like to call zoopers have be trending relentlessly on the web. We can’t stop laughing but they are also cringy. In our kick off Episode 01. of waistUPwardrobe™ we will give you tips and tools of how not to become the subject of a zooper!

5:30 Image is not just about the clothes.


12:46 Most shocking zoopers


18:26 Zoom room etiquette


21:45 Tools to help prevent zoopers


22:50 Books on working from home


24:42 waistUPwardrobe™ wwekly wrap up!

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On Air Door Hanger
StreamYard Browser-based Live Studio for Professionals
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