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dream closet program includes •

1. After filling out a brief jade. profile form, we do a 30-60 min. zoom strategy call to set specific goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the program.


2. 4 weekly (4-hour) sessions of deep dive into your closet, using the signature j.a.d.e. process to jumpstart, assess, delineate & edit thoughtfully.


3. During our sessions we clear all items that no longer fit, no longer flatter you or that are too old or outdated.


4. We decide what items are serving you well and are keepers; and then we build outfits around every single keeper.


5. We build your 40 basics that are required to pull your outfits together using my proprietary flowchart.


6. We edit your shoe collection using the same process.


7. We edit your handbag collection using the same process.


8. We edit your jewelry box using the same process.


9. We work on defining your SIGNATURE style by introducing special pieces that are you.


10. A video tutorial or style guide on how to style some of your keys pieces arrives directly to your inbox so you can access at your convenience.

walk in closet with shelves on all sides featuring multiple racks of folded clothes, shirts and pants hanging on racks and other storage space for handbags and shoes