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episode 02. Let’s Talk Color for the Camera

episode 02. Let’s Talk Color for the Camera

Christine Vartanian standing in front of dark wooden doors wearing mismatched clothing with a blue blazer on one half of her upper body and a black/gold silk shirt on the other side, holding her head and looking stressed

waistUPwardrobe™ EPISODE 02. Let’s Talk COLOR for the Camera – best colors to wear for the camera


Ever been on a virtual call and found yourself distracted by what someone was wearing on the camera? Episode 02. is everything you need to know about what to wear on camera and what to stay away from on camera.


What you wear matters because you want you audience to focus on what you’re saying, not be distracted by what you are wearing. We will be sharing these camera color secrets, the universally flattering colors, and how to choose the right colors for you personally.


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