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episode 03. Be Seen in the Right Light.

episode 03. Be Seen in the Right Light.

Christine Vartanian sitting in a dark room with dim lighting wearing a black shirt and large earrings with curtains in the background for a podcast episode on capturing the right light

waistUPwardrobe™ EPISODE 03.  LIGHTING • Don’t get left in the Dark!


Ever been on a virtual call and felt like you were talking to someone who looked like they were in in the witness protection program?


All you saw was their dark silhouette – lighting problem! Episode 03. is everything you need to know about LIGHTING for video and your virtual studio. Don’t be left in the dark while you are working virtually. I’ll be interviewing my producer, Rick Moscoso who will give us tips and tools on how to show up in the best light and dominate form behind the desk!

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