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episode 04. accessorizing for the camera

episode 04. accessorizing for the camera

Christine Vartanian standing in front of plain ivory curtains wearing a large amount of layered necklaces, multiple bracelets and large tassel earrings for a podcast on accessorizing for the camera

waistUPwardrobe™ EPISODE 04.  Accessorizing for the camera!  How much bling is too much bling?


A question I get a lot is how do I accessorize for the camera? I was on camera once in a breakout session and one of the attendees was dripping in accessories, she had the hat, statement earrings, multiple layered necklaces and arm candy that clattered every time she moved. She was beautifully dressed but not ideally accessorized for the camera!  Listen to find out exactly just how to accessorize yourself perfectly for your video conferencing work.

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