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episode 05. Makeup Made Easy For the Camera

episode 05. Makeup Made Easy For the Camera

Christine Vartanian sitting in a bathroom on the edge of a bathtub wearing a black and gold robe, holding a lipstick with her hair wrapped up in a towel promoting how to be makeup ready for the camera

waistupwardrobe™ episode 05.  make • up made easy for the camera.


i have a confession to make. i do not like putting make up on, but i kind of have to when i’m on camera. the truth is, i didn’t really know how to put on makeup, and i especially didn’t know how to put in on for for the camera. so i asked the expert and she taught me a little bit about her secret sauce. in episode 05. of waistupwardrobe™, i will be interviewing executive beauty coach, maggie cathey as she dicsusses the abc’s of makeup for the camera.

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