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episode 06. Align your virtual office with your brand

episode 06. Align your virtual office with your brand

A line of Christine Vartanian models all wearing a plain grey dress, with one Christine Vartanian model standing out in a bright yellow top and shorts holding her head in excitement

waistUPwardrobe EPISODE 06. ALIGN YOUR VIRTUAL OFFICE WITH YOUR BRAND • Ever been on a virtual call and felt like the person you were conferencing with was a hot mess when it came to how they designed their space? Or better yet ever felt like someone you were in the zoom room with had a space that was perfectly aligned with their brand? Brand Alignment in everything we do is key! Your brand is a composite of everything you put out there including how you design your zoom room. And…you have this opportunity to show up on camera and utilize your space to speak you brand. So why not use it? This episode will offer your tips on how to align your studio with your brand.

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