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Christine Vartanian sitting in front of a laptop looking at the screen with a female customer, with the text "frequently asked questions"


why pick jade. as your stylist as opposed to a department store stylist?

jade. shops everywhere. it’s not limited to a particular resource giving the client lots of options, styles and brands to choose from.jade. becomes totally invested n the outcome for the client and makes it a goal to bring out each client’s style and works on teaching techniques so that each client can independently style themselves.

i had a baby a few years ago and dressing up seems like so much work. can it be made simple?

yes. this is the i don’t have time to spend in front the mirror idea. when you have a baby all priorities seem to shift to baby first. i get it! i was there.  having had 4 children of my own i know how this feels.   i can make dressing up so easy for you that you virtually need not spend more than 5 minutes looking in a mirror. with jade. wardrobe edits and the LOOKbook i leave you with, a recipe for each of your outfits. voila! abracadabra you can be dressed up in no time.

why is it so hard to mix and match outfits in my closet?

two reasons: either one. your closet does not have enough basics.  too many special pieces that simply don’t mix and match easily. or two. it’s outdated. jade. has the key! we have developed a flowchart of the basics every closet needs to have to make everyday dressing easy and fun. when going through a wardrobe make over with jade. you will end up with a easy mix and match wardrobe.

do i need to spend a lot of money to have a great looking workable wardrobe?

no. jade. prides itself on building it’s clients affordable mix and match outfits that can be worn across all seasons.  some investment pieces are recommended, but not all need to be expensive.

do i need to follow every trend to project a modern attitude?

no. trends are fun, but not all are practical and wearable for the everyday woman. jade. specializes in how to take a trending fashion statement and adapt it to your personality and style without feeling like it’s just not you. jade. shows you how to pull it off effortlessly.

does everything in my closet have to be designer to look good?

absolutely not. jade. believes in the high•low philosophy. mixing investment pieces with a cute little steal or find is our motto. we believe that this is the way you create your own personal style.

why do i have so many clothes and always feel like i have nothing to wear?

this is almost every woman’s dilemma. when you feel overwhelmed in your closet, it’s time to restructure and reorganize your closet. over time we tend to accumulate so many pieces. we forget to only buy pieces that we really love. Instead we accumulate quantity neglecting quality, basics and functional clothes that we will really make a lot of use of. jade. specializes in these wardrobe reorganizations. the wardrobe edit experience is a liberating process where i come to your closet, purge ill fitting items, categorize by type and create a personal LOOKbook that documents all your personal looks and fashion.  during this process I take the overwhelming feeling out of your closet and leave you with a wardrobe that is a safe haven. a place where you love to hang out and where everything is a piece you will use and enjoy!

what payment method does jade. accept?

jade. accepts all forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards, checks or cash.

what is the jade. return policy?

jade. has a 14 day return policy for a refund with tags attached.