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how would it feel to have everything in your closet make you feel like a million bucks when you wear it? this is what we achieve with the dream closet program.


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want a new head to toe, mix and matchable wardrobe for that new corporate job or your long vacation? let’s build this for you.



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do you get overwhelmed at the mall? how would it feel like if i shopped for you and brought it to your doorstep?



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want to stop wandering aimlessly through the mall to put together your perfect outfit? how would it feel like to have your personal stylist walk the mall with you?


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client love


"It did so much to help me boost my self esteem."

in 2011, i had been through a very extensive battle with cancer. after i recovered and started to get back out into my normal life christine helped me so much by coordinating my outfits from head to toe so i could attend a couple of special events. she helped me come across as a confident, strong woman and not someone that had cancer. i was very put together, looked great and i was so confident. it did so much to help me boost my self-esteem.

- Kris D.


"having that expert opinion of someone I trust, really made a difference."

i work out a lot, but i could never put the clothes together to show that off…and i just don’t know what looks great on me. my husband really loves the clothes that i have gotten from christine and jade. he loves that i’ve added color to my wardrobe and there are things that i would have never picked out for myself. it’s been nice to work with christine and to find clothes that look good on me, fit well, and accentuates all the work that i did.

-kathryn w.


"she's changed how I think and feel about myself.”

christine has not only changed how i present myself, she's changed how I think and feel about myself. she has an amazing ability to work with you on a personal level with kindness and enthusiasm showing you that you can look and feel beautiful no matter what your budget is. she also gives you tips on how to keep that excitement going. she will come into your world as a stylist and leave as a dear friend who cares about you personally.

-Christine M.


"I love shopping with jade.”

i love shopping with jade. there has always been a great selection of the current fashions and the prices are great. i get compliments to the pieces that i’ve purchased. looking forward the next event.

-Annette U.


"A beautiful stylist and very special friend."

christine has helped me with photoshoots, wardrobe management, shopping and special event styling. she deeply understands my inner design aesthetic for meaningful moments in my life.

-Kuen R.


"Thank you for all you have done for me."

christine provides a tremendous value…women of the world need you. it’s really wonderful, all i’ve learned already and i know i’m in for a lot more as we go forward.

-Toni M.


"personal consultant and treasured friend."

christine put together a beautiful new summer collection for my trip to italy for my daughter's wedding. her personal touch, sense of style and caring way has made her my lifetime personal fashion consultant and treasured friend.

-Sheryl V.


"she is always organized and stays on task."

i've been a client of jade. for over a year now and i couldn't be more pleased with her services. from styling an outfit for an event to organizing my closet her attention to detail, professionalism, and creativity is exceptional.

-Nicole M.


"jade. helped me find my new style."

when i transitioned to a stay-at-home mom i was lost with my personal style. christine helped me find my new style, making me feel confident and empowered for my new journey. christine has a gift that makes you feel your best in your own skin.

-Kat B.


"jade. for all seasons is a true jewel.”

jade. for all seasons is a true jewel. christine is an elegant, classy, caring individual who instantly makes you feel comfortable and special. she has superb taste and style, but her true gift is understanding, relating to and caring for women. what a find!! treat yourself to a session with her and let her help you transform your closet. you will be willing to pay twice what she charges for the results, and you will enjoy every moment of the experience.

-Linda D.


"I felt comfortable from the very beginning."

christine is so good at what she does! she has a sweet demeanor and has a way of making her clients feel comfortable from the very beginning. i never imagined hiring a personal stylist but christine makes this concept much less intimidating and actually FUN! working with her gives you an immediate sense of her genuine desire to make you feel good in your own skin, be confident, and look like a million bucks without spending a million

-Caroline K.


"I couldn't be more grateful to Christine."

after spending only a couple virtual hours with christine, i had a beautiful entrepreneurial wardrobe that fit my style perfectly. christine sent me clothing that i would not have picked myself that are now my favorite pieces. her care and service are unparalleled.  I stand in front of my closet now and smile at all the choices i have knowing i’m going to look and feel great. now i know what to look for now when I shop for myself.

-Barbara W.

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