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the classic femme

When a client describes their style as classic, I often ask them to elaborate.  Classic is a broad all-encompassing style category.

There is “the conservative classic”, “the French classic”, “the English classic”, “the American classic” and “the preppy classic”

to name a few key classic styles. If you are a classic who tends to gravitate toward ladylike modest hemlines and necklines

you are a “conservative classic”. If you favor the must have trench coat, the little black dress and the non-label chic wear

then you most likely fall into a “French classic style” group. The “English conservative” feels like a million bucks in their crisp

white collared shirt and Ralph Lauren looks and “the America classic” lives in basics, t-shirts and great fitting jeans.

“The preppy classic” is all about the polo shirt and the Lilly Pulitzer’s of the world. The thing to note about a classic style

is that it’s a broad category and can mingled with other style categories with ease.



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