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Waist Up Wardrobe! Dominate from Behind the Desk

Waist Up Wardrobe! Dominate from Behind the Desk

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Waist Up Wardrobe!™: Dominate from Behind the Desk

History in the making! How many times in history is nearly everyone in the world working from home – teachers, students, coaches, therapists, doctors, salespeople, finance professionals, CEOs and the list goes on.  2020 is historical!  So now we must dominate from behind the desk.


But How?! How do we do this.? Working from home used to be associated with those who wanted to play between meetings, moms who wanted to have it all – business and babies or millennials who wanted to fly under the radar of the conventional boss. Now it’s our normal and it isn’t going away, no matter how many things go back to the way they were. It is the progressive way to do business and if you are not going virtual you are outdated.


So this is for the whole workforce out there who doesn’t want to be labeled outdatded!! Wardrobe Up Wardobe™ is definitely focused on your attire, but also your image.  There is more than wardrobe that goes into how to show up on camera!


Here are the top 10 ways to dominate from behind the desk:




Creating that brand specific background is a great way to market your personal brand and highlight your style. Think a sign behind you with your logo on it, but make sure it is completely visible and well positioned so that your head isn’t blocking it. Also, activate the mirror image feature on your video. You don’t want your viewer to read your logo backwards – just screams backwards.




Have you heard stories like these? You know… the kid who runs in and starts crying while dad is being interviewed on a television show, or the kid who runs around naked in the background while his brother is sitting in lecture or the woman who bends over to fix the camera only her cleavage was all they could see, or the one who started undressing thinking her camera is off in front of her whole peer group. You all have a funny story like this, please don’t be one. Make sure you are behind closed doors with a sign, “Do not interrupt!” and be aware of your surroundings.




A clear desk equals a clear mind.  You all know this, but seriously don’t get on camera in front of your peers with a stack of paperwork piled up in front of you – not a good impression.




A clear camera makes all the difference and you look super high tech too.




A back up computer is a good idea. We all know technology is a great friend, because it makes our lives easier, but if it doesn’t work as expected it can be our foe.




Imagine you’re in the middle of a pivotal conversation with a client, about to make a sale and then the internet goes out.  You never want to be blacked out, so make sure you secure a good connection.




You want to look passionate and enthusiastic. You never want to be in the dark or lit up by the bright piercing light coming from a glaring window.  The set up of you space should pay a lot of attention to lighting and how it is enhancing your expressions and features.




Hair grooming is critical to how you show up.  Roots that show or an unkempt do will send off the impression that you just got out of bed or don’t care much about self-care.  A client who wonders about this will also wonder if you can take care of business for them.




Make-up enhances your features on camera and therefore is key to looking put together and  feeling your best. Think natural, but emphasize a bit more for the camera.



DRUM ROLL… Waist Up Wardrobe ™! is where it’s at!

Waist up wardrobe™!!! With video conferencing, events and virtual interviews being a way of life these days, dressing from the waist up is trending. So I present you with Waist Up Wardrobe™.  WUW will be a forum that focuses on how to look professional, how to align your virtual life with your particular signature style and feel put together while you work from your home office.  WUW will be an engaging podcast where a sphere of like-minded professionals can gather to get tips and tricks about style above the waist. I will be bringing together experts who will all converge to my Waist UP Wardrobe™ podcast as a hub to answer your questions about everything you need to know to speak your brand virtually. So please stay tuned for our launch of Waist UP Wardrobe™ end of June 2020, follow us on IG @WaistUPWardobe and tune in


Remember you’re a genius at your work, but in the professional world your image still matters whether you step outside or from behind your home office desk.


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