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meet christine vartanian, founder of jade.




I’m Christine Vartanian, the founder of jade. for all seasons COLLECTIVE in Newport Beach, California. I am a Personal Style Expert who styles women with head to toe wardrobes.  I help my clients have effortless style on a daily basis; and I show them how to express themselves through the art of dress up. 


I have styled my clients for business, everyday life, video shoots, photo shoots, including company executives in a local magazines and for the Grammy awards; and I have served on the FIDM museum council. While teaching my “Building Your Basics Wardrobe” class, I developed what I consider the “secret sauce” to having a versatile wardrobe. I was inspired to start jade. to enhance the lives of women who do it all, making them feel as beautiful and exceptional as they are.


jade. for all seasons COLLECTIVE is an edited view of style that focuses on image, but also on all things surrounding image that inform a personal brand. jade. develops it’s client’s OUTSIDE style in every category of life including image, signature looks, business style including logo design, website styling and more.


Before starting jade. for all seasons, I was a stay at home mom.  Clients don’t know that my formal education was not in the creative arts, rather it is quite technical. I am a Civil Engineer and a Lawyer. My passion is making women feel like a million bucks when it comes to their image.  I often say I am my client’s Fairy Godmother.


Life is beautiful with My husband, John and my 4 kiddos, Christopher, Isabelle, Giselle and Nico. I enjoy journaling, knitting and powering through tough workout routines. I live in Newport Beach California; and I feel grateful every day that I get to live where many people come to vacation!!




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one. if i could eat one food for the rest of my life what would it be?

My special homemade tomatoe pasta.

two. most likely to binge watch...

a. the bachelor

b. this is us

c. the voice

d. american idol

black circle scribbles to create multiple circles with a pencil-like design

three. if i could meet one person dead or alive who would that be?

John Wooden

four. my best title?

a. stylist

b. lawyer

c. mommy

d. artist

e. engineer

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five. How does styling my clients make me feel?

Like their fairy Godmother!

six. how does styling my clients make them feel?

Like a million bucks!

seven. what's one thing you cannot live without?

My contact lenses

eight. what's one thing most people do not know about you?

I was an engineer and an attorney before I became a personal style expert.