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SUITE one.


How do you wear your story?

Capsule Wardrobe


Get a whole new wardrobe that defines your signature style.

This program is a journey of self-discovery. We explore who you are at your core, what you love, what you gravitate toward, and what your dream wardrobe looks like, then I make your signature style come to life. You end up with a signature wardrobe that will delight you every single day.

Dream Closet

Pricing is customized to your needs

Get your closet to become your sanctuary. This program is the ultimate CLEARING journey. We dive deep together over six weeks time and one by one in a slow drip method with gentleness and care we remove all items that don’t serve you, don’t fit or flatter you and distill the closet down to only the items that make your heart sing when you wear them. Next, we build in the essentials. Then we fill in the gaps. WE discuss how trends will impact your signature style and I create cheat sheets for you on how to wear every single thing.

Seasonal Refresh Subscription

$2500. 4x per year


$1500. 2x per year

Refresh your looks each season and feel on point.

Each season of life has its charm, just like each season of style and fashion has its own charm. This program allows me to refresh your signature looks each season to spice things up and make you feel current and fresh.

Shop With You


Need your stylist in your pocket at the mall.

What would your shopping experience be like if your dressing rooms were already set up with suitable items when you got there? Then your very own expert to tell you what looks best on you and help you combine outfits right there on the spot. I make the shopping experience feel effortless when I SHOP with you.

Don't Wait to Feel Great


Want to build a wardrobe but the timing is not right?

This program is perfect for you if you know you need a new wardrobe, but for some reason, you are holding off on investing in a new wardrobe. Maybe you’d like to lose a few pounds or save some money….? This is a smaller investment that will get you a few great impact outfits and make you feel great today as you reach your goals.

Compact Capsule Wardrobe


Gain confidence in being ready to look and feel great for your next events.

Want a compact mix-and-match wardrobe to prep you for an event or convention that will last you event after event? Then this one is for you. This program is a great fit for you if you need a small dynamic wardrobe for specific events.

SUITE two.

styling your

Style Your Set


Want to have an office background that looks amazing and is on brand?

Don’t be showing up on video with anything less than professional of an office background. This solution is designed to create a unique signature and on-brand stage for all your video appearances. Whether you are recording a professional video or everyday teleconferencing your background should look great, be professional, and should express your brand.

Style Your Set, Lighting & Dial in Your Camera Closet


Show up on camera in your best light.

This solution offers you a set that is on brand and professional lighting design that won’t let you be left in the dark and it will help you extract from your closet those items that make you look great on camera.

Style Your Set, Lighting, Dial in Your Camera Closet, Skin Care, Make Up, Hair & Accessories.


Everything you need to look and feel your best on camera.

This solution offers you a complete and full professional set plus it will teach you how to show up with your best face forward and therefore dominate from behind the desk from head to waist or waistUPwardrobe.

SUITE three.


Does your brand show your story?

BRANDjumpstart session


Map out your vision for your BRAND in half a day intensive.

In a three-hour workshop, we map out a vision of your brand. It starts with a BRAND storm and we sift through your entire story to articulate your WHY.
Deliverable: Articulated why, possible brand colors, possible logos ideas, possible brand name, and tagline.

BRANDstyling retainer program


Develop all elements of your brand identity and get a BRANDbox.

Developing a brand is made up of many different elements. With my proprietary process of brand development, we work monthly together until we build a BRAND that is consistent, concise, and cohesive from the logo to the customer journey. Each brand is different in its architecture, so it may take 3 months or 12 months depending on the layers involved, hence lending this program to a monthly retainer style investment.

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