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Christine Vartanian standing in front of wooden doors with a rack of clothes behind her, holding a snakeskin print shirt up to a female customer wearing a maroon sweater

Outside style meets inside style

outside style meets inside style

If you think clothes are superficial, think again. Ask yourself, “why then does a good outfit elevate our emotional vibration?!”

If you recognize that a good outfit can make all the difference in our mood, then I argue that clothes are not a superficial thing. A good outfit can shift your entire mood. It can uplift us emotionally and when this happens we feel happier, more social, more excited about taking on the day.  This is the way clothes tie into how we feel, our mental state, hence our mental health. So why not use clothes as a pathway to wellness?!

Getting dressed up is an act of self-care.  I believe it is the simplest form of self-care. It’s less invasion than plastic surgery and it’s more immediate than losing weight.  No matter what your age, shape or budget there is a good outfit out there for you that will make you feel like a million bucks.


When Maureen started dancing in the mirror as she layered on the pieces of the outfit, I selected for her, I realized how much happy impact a sharp look can have, to the point of grown woman dancing.

the jade. LITMUS test for a good outfit


Must fit well. Not too loose, and not too tight.


Must be proportioned. If you are wearing a blousy top keep it streamed lined on the bottom. If you are wearing a billowy bottom keep it close to your body on the top.


When you look in the mirror do you feel like a million bucks? does it feel like you?

Maureen was adorable.  She texted me after our session and said.  It’s the clothes that made me dance, but in fact it was the way the clothes made her feel that made her dance, HENCE THE EMOTIONS OF CLOTHES! 

I believe that getting outfitted is more than just about the clothes. It’s the way the clothes make us feel inside.  This is my classic jade. philosophy of how the OUTSIDE STYLE affects the INSIDE STYLE. It’s a very powerful thing that the outside work can collaterally affect the inside work.

So consider thinking about getting dressed up as a necessary step toward selfcare and then get a great outfit on and see how it makes you feel!